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About Minh Tran Garden from Friends
Hue Royal House
In early and late September of this year, we were honoured to visit and stay at the extraordinary industrial and intellectual centre at Minh Tran, in Ho Chi Minh City , a place that has now added the new dimension of respect for cultural heritage. The flourishing garden, with its roofed arcade of trees, sounds of water at play and calm and beautiful garden house is the unorthodox product of the imagination of its creator-director, Mr. Nguyen Tri Dung.

This centre houses a delightful communal spirit , linking culture and nature, as well as work / thought / pleasure. Being fully serviced with meeting rooms and craft and technological displays, it has become, for Vietnam, a professional meeting place for various fields, including our own of architecture, urban planning, conservation and world heritage.

We not only strongly support its conception and operation, but also encourage professionals from Vietnam and around the world to get to know and appreciate this magnificent centre that links work and culture in such a humane way.

It is an example to be followed.

Em Prof Serge Domicelj       Joan Domicelj AM

November 2003
Ethnic Minority's House