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This is a very unique garden house; a place where you can rest, relax and participate in hi-tech production and cultural activities all at the same time.

This garden house, located on quiet Phan Huy Ich Street, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, is the headquarters of a super hi-tech company.

Passing through the gate, one would be amazed to discover a spacious and tranquil green space with manicured garden and rustic thatched roof, red tiled roof houses built with bamboo and wood. It is in complete contrast to the modern building that houses the production company.

Once inside this green space, the noise and hustle of city life is stripped away and one is surrounded by a peaceful and relaxed feeling. In this five thousand m2 property, you find a traditional garden style house from Hue, a northern tribal house or a southern country home peacefully sitting in harmony with the surrounding green bushes, exotic flowers and banana trees.

Walking along the gravel road, under the trellis covered with flowered vines, you may have the impression of strolling leisurely in the old country side of a bygone time. Somewhere in the garden are rows of enormous, vintage water vases, an very traditional cow-driven carriage, and a hammock hanging on trees inviting you for a quiet nap on a hot afternoon.

Owner of the Minh Tran property is Mr. Nguyen Tri Dung, the avant-garde of the hi-tech sector. His production company, housed in a modern glass building, is separated from the green space yet it is just steps away. Mr. Nguyen Tri Dung uses the Garden House as a retreat for friends and colleagues, a combination of a convention center, a teaching auditorium and an exhibition hall.

To conclude our impressions, we would like to share the observations of the Professor Serge Domicelj and his wife, both special advisors for UNESCO on Culture Preservation and World Heritage,