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My impressions of Minh Tran Garden:

Ayisha Swann

Minh Tran Garden is a beautiful respite of nature in the middle of the bustling, polluted Ho Chi Minh City. As I step into the garden, I automatically feel a sense of calmness trickle down my spine. Every corner of the garden has uniqueness to it, whether it is a lotus flower exploding out of a large clay pot filled with tadpoles swimming around, or orchid flowers hanging from bamboo poles. There is a perfect balance of tall, shady trees and the more delicate fruit trees and flowers dispersed throughout the garden. The whole garden is wonderfully lush and constantly in bloom.

Even the buildings mesh in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature of the garden. Each building blends well with the growth and shrubbery around it. The buildings themselves are individual works of art, made mostly out of wood and bamboo. Some are elegantly simple, while others are intricately designed with hand-carved walls. The most exceptional aspect of the Minh Tran Garden to me is how the buildings and the surrounding natural world coalesce in harmony with one another, exemplifying humans’ ability and need to coexist with nature.

The garden gives me a feeling of being close to nature. I feel immersed in an organic world where everything, from the flowers and trees to the buildings and handicrafts, has been put together by hand. It is like taking a step back and inhaling a breath of fresh air from the gray, machine-driven world we live in today.