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At Minh Tran we believe that in the future personal bonds between people will need to go beyond the expectations and interests of nations and play a critical role in promoting the causes of peace and international cooperation.
It is accurate to say that no matter the country, peace is always represented by the image of children at play. For this reason, and as a part of our efforts to encourage cooperation between Vietnam and the world, we will seek to make Minh Tran garden a place for cultural exchange between generations with different cultures so that we can reach the better future.
We hope that through playing and studying together, children will have richer communication experiences. This is the foundation for the development of natural innovation. We hope deep memories will then become unforgettable memories.
We are researching about how to gather various types of traditional educational toys, especially wooden and comic works. We hope to create a natural space for people to comfortably join in. It is also an opportunity to introduce books and traditional toys from Japan, as well as from other countries.
Because of our limited capacity, we are looking forward to receiving help and cooperation from friends in collecting comic books, pictures, music and toys for children. We hope to have many items that everyone will enjoy

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